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Greg Baresel

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Life Leadership Coaching and Business Consulting

Most, if not all, of the problems and adversity we experience in life are the result of disorder, that is, something(s) is not in its proper order. Another way of saying this is that something is out of balance. Therefore, the objective of Life Leadership Coaching is to restore order to one’s life in the areas of the Life Leadership Paragon by helping him or her to take their power back with a view to achieving self-completeness. Life Leadership Coaching recognizes spirituality, and therefore, spiritual healing, and, even though there is no specific healing protocol, spiritual healing can come about naturally when the elements of the Life Leadership Paragon come into balance.

Greg provides business consulting to small businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches, and private trainers. His goal is to provide a systematic solution to increase their marketing and sales efforts so they can focus on what they do best... helping their clients. Greg provides business coaching, marketing and business solutions to help run your business more efficiently.

About Greg:
Greg holds a PhD in Metaphysical Humanistic Science with a specialization in spiritual counseling.